Formatting Bibliography

You all were so helpful regarding an earlier question, I thought I’d throw out another one on a different topic.

I’m generating a bibliography from my Biblio database, which consists of various items that are tagged in field B according to their class, e.g. book or blogpost. I’m going to pull the relevant records into another database using arraybuild, and I can write the various formulas to extract the text strings needed, but how can I get it to format the items according to the tags in B (if/then situation)?

For example, for items tagged “blogpost” I need to use the formula:
richtextdisplay(D+cr()+C+" "+"<i>"+E+"</i>"+". "+F+".")

While for a “book” it is a little different:
richtextdisplay(D+cr()+C+" "+"<i>"+E+"</i>"+". "+AB+": "+AA+".")

There are 10 different formulas total. Thanks in advance for your help!

You are looking for the ?( function.

Also, please don’t use the richtextdisplay( function – it’s obsolete. Instead, enable the Rich Text checkbox in your Text Display object, as shown on this page:

One final point, I’d like to discourage you from using single character field names. Of course they work fine, but I think you’ll find life much less confusing if you adopt more descriptive field names. See Field Name and Field Title on this help page: