Form prints in double vision

We are struggling with forms that print double, or we are suffering from double vision. This form resides inside a TabPanel Object. This is a new issue in b20. Here is a sample:

Is this build 3783, or 3786? It sounds like it might be a problem that was corrected by build 3786.

Yes, this is a problem that is showing up in build 3786.

If you could send me a copy of this database, I will investigate this. Be sure to include any instructions of steps needed to perform the printing process.

I haven’t come up with a fix, or even looked at the source code, but I have figured out how to duplicate this problem on command. It occurs if the scaling in the page setup dialog is set to something other than 100%. @panaca was using 75% in his database, setting the scaling to 100% fixed the “double vision” problem. That’s probably why no one else has noticed, no one else has tried a percentage other than 100%. It appears that it is printing twice, once at 100%, and once at 75%, hence the “double vision”.

Ok, I fixed it, so don’t spend any time redoing your forms for 100%.