Form panel opens

Jim - when I choose graphics mode in a form, the Form panel always opens with the top part obscured - this is where I want to assign or change the form’s name and do most of the important stuff.


Can you make it open with the top bits showing?

No, I haven’t been able to figure out how to do that, despite a considerable amount of effort over time. I agree that it is annoying. Unfortunately I think getting that to work will require that section of code to be completely re-architected, a substantial project. At some point I think it will be worth doing, as there would be some other benefits, but it’s not the quick fix that you probably thought it would be.

Workaround: Hide the Objects section of the Properties panel. Then all elements of the Form Properties panel fit into the sidebar, and there’s no need to display it in a scrolled state.

I don’t see that as a real workaround – if the window is short enough the panel will still be scrolled.

The problem is that there is apparently some Apple code that is automatically scrolling the panel to the bottom whenever it opens, and the way it is currently architected it there is no “hook” available for Panorama’s code to disable that or reverse it. At least not that I have been able to find.

It’s strange how what looks like the simplest of tasks can actually be so complex. I suppose I can keep clicking the up-button. Sigh :wink:

And Kurt’s workaround is a good one once you’ve stopped adding objects and you’re just fine-tuning and debugging.

Every now and then it works the other way, and something that seems complex is actually pretty easy. But that doesn’t happen very often.

I’m puzzled by this comment – what up-button are you referring to? The only way I know is to use the scroll bar (or swipe up on the trackpad with two fingers)

Sorry, that’s what I meant - I’m old and doddery Jim and I often forget my words. You have to learn to read between the lines and not take me too literally.

My experiences been that the panels are fine until I toggle them in any way. Once I’ve clicked on Properties or Objects, odds are high that the top of the panel slips upward where I can’t get at it.

It’s restored if I quit and relaunch

I don’t think this is what Michael is talking about, that is a separate issue. However, the fix for that will also require the same re-architecting of that entire section of the code. (Actually, what I think is necessary is to pull some of the design out of Interface Builder and into Objective-C code, TMI I’m sure.)

For whatever it’s worth I’ve gotten around what JamesCook describes by simply closing and reopening that form; faster than quitting PanoramaX and relaunching.