Form object panel non-standard behaviour

In the form object panel the set of seven icons along the top of the panel is often partly obscured as are the contents of the some of the panels below. This is only a cosmetic issue for most of the panels (the five with a title bar at the top of the panel) but for the measurement and magic-wand panels the objects at the top of the panels are obscured and can be awkward to change. On my new MacBook Pro (OS10.12.4) this behaviour seems to occur after some use of the panels and then persists until PX is restarted.

David Duncan

I’ve had this problem too.

I can replicate that behavior by toggling the Object Properties button twice. The first click hides the Object Properties, the second click shows them again, but then they are positioned to high – as if the tab bar with the small icons wasn’t there.
@ddd: I think it is sufficient to close and reopen the document to restore the correct position of the Properties panel.

@ddd: It is actually sufficient to close the window and then re-open it. There is a bug report in Bitbucket for this, but I’m not going to look it up right now.

Thanks, you’re right about closing and reopening the window fixing the issue. I looked in Bitbucket before I posted but couldn’t find an entry.