Form is not updating under b19

This morning no crashes after downloading b19. That is a major improvement. Thank you! However, I have a complex form with many objects that will not update variables, fields or a picture. However, that same form has a complicated TabPanel object, and everything inside the TabPanel object seems to be working well. I have started to build a new form one object at a time. The new form is updating properly, but this process is tedious. I was hoping someone else may have already come across a cause or solution.

There was a bug reported yesterday in regard to pop-up editing cells within a form.

If you are using pop-up editing, then this is probably your problem. If not, there are no other reported problems with forms.

I am using two Text Editor Objects on the form that trigger a procedure that uses the PopUpClick statement. Is that the same as a Pop-up Editing Cell? I may be dead in the water until a bug fix unless I can figure out a work around. I have been activating the TEO with

objectaction “SearchSubject”,“Open”
objectaction “SearchSubject”,“SetSelection”,0,-1

But objectaction does not work either on the suspect form.

I have copied the TEO along with the attached procedure to a new form without the TabPanel, and the new form seems to work. However, the new form is extremely simple compared to the suspect form. The problem seems to be evident only on the suspect form with the TabPanel.

The code in a Text Editor object triggers a popup menu? That does not sound like a valid thing to do. I would not expect that to work in any version of Panorama, unless I am completely misunderstanding what you are saying. The popupclick statement is designed to work in response to a mouse click, not a key press.

We are using Pan6 code which has been slightly modified for PanX. The user types a text string in a TEO and then hits the return key. This triggers a procedure that builds an array of possible choices based on the entered text string and field(s) of data. PopUpClick is used to display the list of choices. There is no doubt a more elegant way of doing this, but we chose this method since it was an easy migration from Pan6. We use the objectionacthion statement from a label button to highlight the cell and any contents so the user can simply type his or her search string. All of this functionality no longer works on a complex form under b19, but we can make it work on a new form that has no objects other than the Label button and TEO as described.

Using popupclick this way was never intended on any version of Panorama (including Panorama 6) and is not supported. The Panorama 6 documentation for popuclick says that it “can be used to produce a pop-up menu in response to clicking on a form.” Perhaps it did accidentally work in response to keyboard presses somehow, but it was not designed to do so nor was it documented to do so. We have enough to do keeping documented features of Panorama working, we cannot possibly guarantee that undocumented “features” continue working.