Form Field Disappearing from View

Greetings Pan X Experts!

Below is a clip of my purchase order database.


As you can see, the “Order Date” is empty. But is it? When I click into the product description, the Order Date appears. See below for a screen shot of this situation.


When I click the Order Date date, the date disappears again, and I left with the original screen (see below).


In case it matter, the Order Date is a pop-up field. Also, the date data is always present; it does not delete itself. The Order Date just disappears from view, as described above.

What setting(s) might I change to ensure the Order Date is always visible?

Thank you!

When in Graphics mode, do a Select All to see if there is possibly some other object that might be overlaying your missing text.

Turn off the pop-up option for any field that is on top of other objects (in this case, you have a scanned image). When a pop-up field is selected, the text is white on top of a red background. However, the red background does not appear if the object is on top of some other object. So all you see is white text on top of the white background. When you click on some other field, the pop-up field reverts to black text, so it becomes visible. So either you have to get rid of the background scan, or you have to not use the pop-up option.

Thank you! Problem solved.