Folders are clones of Panorama>Extensions>Libraries folders

In Applications>Panorama>Extensions>Libraries, I have a folder called Matrices which contains several custom statements. In a folder nested several folders deep in Macintosh HD, I have the source folder, Matrices which was copied to the Libraries folder. I have third Matrices folder in a collection of files awaiting upload to Dropbox.

If I amend a procedure in any one of these, the same amendment appears in each of the others but, when I give them three different names, they become independent.

I guess this is more an item of interest than anything else because the solution is simple. The key probably lies in the fact that I copied the folder to Libraries rather than load each of a dozen procedures individually.


Library databases don’t close before Panorama quits. They just become secret. If you try to open a database that has the same name as one that is already open in secret, the secret database just opens a window. The other database never opens.

You were just looking at the same database again and again. You were not amending several databases simultaneously.

Thanks Dave - that’s useful to know.