Find using formula for "not contains"

Is it possible find for NOT CONTAINS in a formula find?

Example: select: “Formula is True”, then type "Installed not contains “Digital converting” or "Installed not contains “Digital flexo”.

This gives a search error. I you remove the “not” it does not give an error.

Thanks for your advice!

In stead of NOT CONTAINS try notcontains (one word).

I tried this, it seemed to work: "Not (Installed contains “ArtiosCAD”) and Not (Installed contains “DeskPack”) and Not (Installed contains “Studio”) and Not (Installed contains “Visualization”)

Thanks much for the quick reply!!!

This will work, but Gary is suggesting you reword your original construct to:

Installed notcontains "Digital converting" OR
Installed notcontains "Digital flexo"

which works just fine without error.