Find/Select and Morph dialogs not working: "Dialog program error"


I am unable to use either the find/select or morph dialogs due to a consistent “Dialog program error — dialog will be aborted.” error. This is causing the operation to fail consistently.

This is a fresh install of PanoramaX (latest version: 10.0.01 build 2685). I have repeated the tests after completely uninstalling the application (including deletion of all caches, plists and other related files using CleanMyMac), and then reinstalling a fresh copy from

This is a 2017 MacBook Pro (13" retina) with 3.5Ghz i7 and 16GB RAM. It is running the latest MacOS High Sierra (10.13.2) with all patches applied.

I have tried the tests with a very simple two field database, with just one sample record. A short screencast of the bug is in the Dropbox link Screencast of the PanoramaX bug , which describes the problem and the tests in more detail.

Can you help?


Just as an aside, I get this message regularly in response to all sorts of actions.

FWIW: I am not seeing those errors, and I cannot replicate them when I am following your test.

I get it but it doesn’t interfere with what I’m doing. I just dismiss it and go on working.

Is there a log file I can check to trace any errors/warnings? Perhaps that will help localize the issue.

I suspect that there is a conflict with something in your system. Try making a new account and seeing whether it still happens when you use Panorama in that account. That would isolate whether it is something that is running in your account, or something in the system. Then it is a matter of some detective work.

For whatever it is worth, I see some error messages when using morph including the “Dialog” error. I have also had it add it open with 5, 10 20 + morph command rows. Here is a pic of the area I am referring to. By the way, what is the correct term to use for this area?

Any way, I have not specifically tracked down the cause but I have narrowed it to the data in the field that is being morphed or being used to morph a different field. I think if the field contains option L character or cr() character it will cause anomalies and errors. With the cr() character, it seems to cause issues if it was imported from Pan 6.

I will try to get more specific next time I encounter the errors but for now maybe this info well help to track it down.

Here is one example that is repeatable. The field contains

30 PM

The ¬ character “option L” causes this error.

Partially confirmed: In a simple test database with one field, 4 records, and the cells contain tab character containing text, doing a text manipulation Morph does not work. However, I do not get an error. The original text is just deleted – ie, the cells are left empty.

I don’t think that is the problem – I think the problem is that you have so many lines in the top section of the dialog (someone earlier in this thread asked what the term was for this section, unfortunately it doesn’t have one). Look at the error message in the Error wizzrd – negative rectangle height. It’s trying to position an element in the dialog and there is no room for it. Of course it should not fail with an error message, it should just refuse to add more elements, so that is a bug, which I have added to the list.

For now, you should be able to get the dialog closed using the Escape key.

In any case, I wouldn’t recommend using this dialog with so many options. Personally, I would go nuts trying to manage this in a dialog. I would recommend doing this with a procedure. That is especially the case since apparently you are trying to work with non printable characters (in this case tab). You’ll have no problem doing that in a procedure. If desired, you can start by using the dialog to record a procedure with a few elements and then expand it.

Keep in mind that the replace( function now allows multiple replacements in a single function, so you don’t have to nest a bunch of replace( functions any more. I think this procedure is much simpler to set up than the same set of replacements in the Morph dialog would be.

formulafill replace(Phone,
    "0","zero ",
    "1","one ",
    "2","two ",
    "3","three ",
    "4","four ",
    "5","five ",
    "6","six ",
    "7","seven ",
    "8","eight ",
    "9","nine ",
    "-","- ")

Hi Jim,

All of the lines are created automatically when I open the morph dialog, I did not create any of the lines.