Find procedure/variable references

Good morning!

Is there a way to find all procedure and variable references in a given database?

The “View Wizard” does a great job of finding them within other procedures.

Sadly, its search does extend to elements on forms.

There once was a functional tool called The Cross Reference Wizard, however, it seems to be in disrepair and blows up Panorama quite nicely.

Is there an updated tool that will do what The Cross Reference Wizard once did?
Or do I get to manually investigate each object in all the forms? :smiley:
If the latter, does someone have a handy snippet of code that might help with the search?

Thanks for any suggestions!

– Mark

You might find the Form Explorer wizard under Wizards/Form Tools to be of use in your search. It will allow you to search for a specific item one form at a time.

Hi Gary,

Yeah. Thanks. I should’ve mentioned that I use that, too. And it is very helpful.

I just would like a more automated way to walk all the forms and their objects collecting the variable and procedures that are called … you know, let the computer do the work. :smiley:


– Mark

Not the answer you are looking for, but in Panorama X the Open View dialog does what you want. It will search procedures and forms.

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