Fill in data from another table

I have a teams table and I have a contacts table. I have related the tables using a field called PersonID. The PersonID field is in both tables. The contacts table contains many records of different people. I need some of those people in the teams table to be able to assign them to different teams. How do I actually pull the person’s information into the teams table using the PersonID?

I’ve looked at superlookup( and the Relational Workshop, but am just not getting how to do this?

The best answer anyone can give you is to visit the Panorama X Video Training / Relational Databases Part 1

Anything less would be a disservice from suggesting that you should continue to spend time ‘winging it’. You will miss out on so many features and spend so much more time attempting to figure things out. It may not be 100% intuitive but then, it is soooo powerful that you just don’t want to miss out on what all you can get out of it.

I cannot find this video. Do you have a link please?

Ok, I have now found it, but I would need to pay $100 to watch it. I have already purchased the Intensive Training Course, but it is sadly not a part of that.

Is there another way to find out how to do this without needing to spend $100?

That particular video is listed as a free video.

Not on mine:

Change the menu to “All Curriculums”

Tried that but I’m afraid it still isn’t appearing. My list only has 58 videos in total with all skill levels, free, all curriculums and all years selected.

You may need to update the video list.

Simon, the setup is explained at Relational Database Management .

It says, “No New Videos”. Still listing 58 total free videos.

Thank you, I’ll read through it again.

Your screen shot doesn’t show that its one of the videos you have selected. It’s definitely among the free.

This is NOT a free video. It’s part of the Mastering Panorama X 10.2 course, and it does cost $100 for access to the complete course. The videos don’t show up on the list unless you are signed up for the course.

Panorama X now has two different kinds of paid video courses. The “Intensive” course from 2015/16 is available using Vimeo On-Demand. You have to sign up for this on Vimeo, using a Vimeo account.

In 2021 two new courses were offered, Mastering Panorama X 10.2 and Deploying Shared Databases. Instead of using Vimeo On-Demand, these courses are purchased thru Panorama itself. These courses don’t show up until you have purchased the course, then they don’t show a price because you have already paid. (The Intensive courses always show a price because Panorama has no way to know if you have paid or not – Vimeo doesn’t share specific sales information with us.)

This is all explained in detail on this help page.

Correct, a course from 2015/16 does not include all future courses for all time. Still, I think that both the old and the new courses are a great value if you want to get the most out of your Panorama X investment - and they help support development of Panorama.

Thank you for the endorsement of the course Robert!