File will not Synchronize on OpenFile

I have a file with lots of fields, lots of forms, and lots of procedures. I say this because it is a valuable file which required many hours of work to build. I hope it is not somehow corrupted. This file is a shared file. Everything seems to work as expected, except for one thing. The file does not Synchronize when it is first opened either from the finder or from another file using an OpenFile statement. The familiar sync chime does not sound. However, once the file is opened, it can synchronize without a problem. I removed the .Initialize procedure, and there was no change. I detached and removed it from the server. Then I re-uploaded the file to the server. Still no change. I wonder if someone has a suggestion.

There is an open entry in the bug tracking list that is similar to your report. I have not been able to duplicate or fix the problem. Also, your report is a bit different, since the reported bug is only for launching from the Finder, not when using an openfile statement.

It certainly doesn’t sound like your file is corrupted. In any case, since b18, Panorama automatically checks for corruption every time you open and save a database. You’re not seeing any messages about corruption, so I think you can relax on that score.