Field Properties: Input Range: carriage returns

Is it possible to include a carriage return as one of the permissible characters when specifying the Input Range? I have tried cr(), ¶, and chr(13). None of those seem to work.

I could do it by copying a return followed by z from text and pasting it into the Input Range box. When entered the box looks empty because the first character is the return with the z on the second line which does not show. I then tried entering text into the field and anything between the return chr(13) and the z chr(122) could be entered and anything over chr(122) like the { chr(123) character were ignored.

I also got a return character in by pasting it in, but typing a return into the field was a problem. The return key on my keyboard puts a line feed, rather than a carriage return into the field.

Pasting it in worked. But also made me realize I needed a line feed, not a carriage return.