Field Name in a Formula

I am trying to shift several columns of data to the right in a table. I thought I would simply use a loop and a FormulaFill to move the data, one column at a time, to the designated number of columns to the right. However, I am having a hard time getting FormulaFill to work with my variable F which contains the field name assigned by the Info(“FieldName’”)

F = Info(“FieldName’”)
. . . .
FormulaFill F

Does not seem to work. Any ideas?

If you are trying to fill another field with the values in the field named in the F variable and you are currently in the new field you would use this:

Formulafill fieldvalue("",F+"")

By adding the empty string to the variable name you are telling Panorama that the field name is inside the variable and that the variable name itself is not the field name.

For shifting columns you should look into the formulafillallfields statement.

Or, just use the Morph All Fields dialog, which has a Shift Fields option.