Field Contains Data Indicator

Hopefully, I can explain this intelligently. I have a Pan X DB with a “Notes” field. Somehow, I want to create some type of indicator (radio button, check mark) that shows when the “Notes” field has data in it. The indicator needs to do this automatically. So if there are no “Notes” for a Record, the indicator is not activated and if there are “Notes” for a specific Record the indicator shows it by being activated. I hope this makes some kind of sense to you all. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

PS I forgot to mention I searched through some of the Help topics, but did not find anything.

I think I would just use a small image display object, set to display a solid color. Then you could use a formula like


That should give you a green rectangle when the notes have content, and it would disappear when they don’t.

YES! Thank you sooooo much. Will give that a try.

This works great on a Form, but is there any way to make some type of indicator on the Data Sheet to avoid having to scroll way to the right about 18"?

I think the easiest way to do it for me would be to make a Form that is a List and have the indicator at the beginning of each record.

You can probably do what you want directly in the data sheet using an added field and some emojis. I created a test field named Notes and propagated most of the records with some random text but left several empty. I then created a new field I named Flag with the Default Value set to “:white_circle:”. I then used the Morph tool to propagate the Flag field with the formula ?(Notes="",“:white_circle:”,“:large_blue_circle:”). I then put this code in the Code panel for the Notes field:

If Notes=""

Now when a new record is added it will automatically enter the default value for the Flag field and then automatically change it to “:large_blue_circle:” if anything is entered into the Notes field. Here is a little screen shot of what the sample data sheet looks like:

Note that if at any point you alterg the Notes field via a procedure you will have to also change the Flag field in the code or use the runfieldcode statement on the Notes field to do it. Also, you can generate the emojis you want to use in the Flag field from the Emojis & Symbols item in the Edit menu. The two I selected are in the Symbols sub-catagory of the Emojis.

This won’t help in the Data Sheet, but I should mention that in a form, you can use a formula with a checkbox (this is new in Panorama X). See Formula Mode on this page.

In this example, the formula would simply be Notes<>””

Wow, thanks to both of you. I will try this. Thanks so much for your help.