Field constructor /Editable:No / Date

I am using the Constructor to make Fields on a form. It is FANTASTIC!!!
However, if I am displaying a date field, it displays in date format, unless I use Editable:No, in which case it displays as the raw number.
It doesn’t really matter, but not sure whether you are aware of this behaviour?

Also - the only way I can make the same line option work is to copy the


out of the help pages. If I try to type it myself, or if I use the tag from the menu, it seems to be ‘swallowed up’, with only one dash remaining.

When you use the editable:no optio the constructor creates a Text Display object instead of a Text Editor object. Text Display objects don’t automatically use the output pattern. The constructor should really do that for you, but you can easily edit the formula to make it work the way you want.

Alternately, you can set Editable to Yes, then manually change it to no, leaving it as a Text Editor object. The constructor doesn’t do that because that option wasn’t available when the constructor logic was written.

You probably have “smart quotes and dashes” enabled in the System Preferences Keyboard panel. I recommend turning that off.

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