Favorite Search does not perform as advertised

The first animated graphic in the Help wizard entry for “Favorite Searches” shows the initial name of “New_Favorite” changing to the name entered into the “Name” box but it neither shows nor describes how this is done. My guess is that it should happen when you hit the “Done” button but this is not the case on either of my iMacs (one neurotic, the other hopefully still sane). This is what I get:

I find that I have to click on the “New_Favorite” name at the top to change that name, as in:

My problem is that I don’t know if this is what should be done or whether something else (whatever should be done) isn’t working.

If I correctly understand your concerns, they may have been mentioned in this topic:

Whatever you enter into the Name input box will replace whatever is highlighted above once you hit Enter or Return. The Done button is there to close that dialog and keep your changes while the Cancel button will ignore any changes.

Looking at the Panorama 6 Favorite Search dialog I can see where the confusion comes in with the new Pan X dialog. In 6 you did not have to hit Enter or Return but simply hit the OK button and the name was accepted.