Expanding Beta Testers

This past week was virtually problem free. I made one programming improvement, and we had a small problem; two people ended up with duplicate time entries, which is not supposed to be possible. But we have a check on duplicates before the admin runs any reports.

The firm admin wants to expand the number of people using PanX because of the expense and problems using Pan6. They replaced or added some computers, and the new ones have Catalina installed. In order to use Pan6, they set up virtual machines. With Covid, everyone was working at home and accessing their office computer remotely. This led to a lot of expense and problems using Pan6.
So I suggested we expand slowly, by adding one person Monday, and another person next Monday.
I had been tentatively planning to expand after b7 was available provided that did not introduce any problems. But now, I am going to add at least two people.
If that goes well, I tentatively plan to add three more so we can run an additional database, which three more people use.

Maybe you have Stockholm syndrome now? Or mabye you’ve just learned how to dodge the problems? :thinking:

I’ve been working through bugs and thinking “man, this thing was NOT ready for prime time.” But I guess that is why we don’t go straight from alpha to production. It is getting a lot better, a piece at a time. And I think just about all of the problems I am fixing are problems you have encountered.

By the way, server variables work in .Initialize code now :grinning:

Yes, a lot of dodging.
I have been retrieving server variables in the Initialize function for some time. And I put some back up procedures to make sure they were retrieved immediately before they are needed, so maybe it’s those that were working.
I guess that’s the way development goes; at some stage you just track down the problems and fix them one by one. As long as the fundamentals are sound.