Expandable print forms & report tile color problem

Thank you Jim for this new discussion forum, I wasn’t sure if I should use this forum for my question or Slack. I know that variable height tiles, overflow printing, and even/odd pages are not yet supported. Just curious when a target date for those features is planned? I have lots of forms in my evolving PanX databases that use these features. In Pan6 I simply made each TESO that needed to expand… expandable. Also a curious question, when I convert a Pan6 database to PanX, the print tiles all transfer with a solid black rectangle covering all objects on the tile. This black rectangle cannot be selected, so the only workaround is to delete each tile (leaving all objects in place) and create a replacement. Thanks, PanX is really looking great!

Yep, that is a bug. I have added it to bug tracker, #505. Ok, this is cool – I can put a link in the bug report to this topic in the discussion forum. That is going to be super useful :slight_smile:

Actually, that is not true, you can just change the color of the tile from black to white. (Also, the box is not actually covering the other objects, it’s just probably that all of your objects are black, so black on black looks like covered.

Sorry, I don’t really have a target dates for that (or anything else). That feature is definitely on the list, though. You won’t have to do anything to your forms – when that feature is implemented, the forms should just work like they did in Panorama 6.


Ahhhhhh, I should have checked the tile color, sooooooo much easier - I can now quickly clean up all my print forms. Thank you!!

Don’t forget, you can select all the tiles, then change the color for all of them at once!!

Super cool :relaxed:

Even better – this three line program will fix all the tiles in the current form!

selectobjects objectinfo("class") = "ReportTileObject"
changeobjects "color","FFFFFF"

Yep… even better!!! Thank you!!

Am I correct that overflow printing is still not implemented in PanX? I am trying to use a text display object with RTF and overflow printing does not work as it does with word processing in Pan 6.