Exemple of invoice

does someone have a exemple of this invoice system in panorama x.I’m a beginner but I learn fast if I have exemple. I try to find the way with array lockup and matrix but I need your help.
I’m using high sierra with PX.

Thank you.

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Are you asking for somebody to make an exact mock-up or do you just want any old invoice?

You appear to have this one in Panorama 6 already - why not just convert it to Panorama X?

This is extract directly from the panorama essentiel .pdf. I can’t install panorama 6 on my mac since I have high sierra (not compatible with panorama classic) I don’t know if this exemple is available. All I need to know is how to make a table (it is call that in filemaker) in a db. I have servral database (Invoice, item invoice, Contact and product) But how can I enter data in the invoice that is link to item invoice.

James has found a demo invoice database that is provided with Panorama 6. Unfortunately, we (ProVUE) haven’t had a chance to convert that database to Panorama X yet. It’s on our to-do list, at which time we will post it on the database exchange.

OK, I’ve just worked out that it’s a Panorama 6 example, not one of yours. I’ve converted it to Panorama X and put it on Dropbox - you can download it from here:

Thank you. i fellow lot of your videos (panorama x training) but none explain how to make a db in a db. I know you have a lot to do but one suggestion will be to made I true exemple of a system (kind of invoice-customer-quote) I will pay for that.

Thank you I will try it.

I realise that English is not your native language James - can you explain a little more what you mean by this? Did you mean how to make an invoice in a db?

This part of the sample invoice

which is labelled as an order form (?) is a Panorama 6 Matrix I’ve never used Panorama matrices so I’ won’t be much help but if you want assistance setting up an invoice, let me know and I can help.

Effectively I’m french. I my exemple the principal table is facturation(invoice) link to Données de facturation (invoice item)
I can insert directly in the table invoice item from the table invoice. What I think is (and I dont know a lot about panorama) In Panorama I can’t edit directly in the external table ( Code de produit ex.: BR12) in a table.

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What software are you using?

I want to use Panorama X but my background is in filemaker. I work with very large database 100 000 datas and more. I made some test (import, calc, statistic, find , search) and panorama X is clearly a winner.


I think part of your problem is that you’re thinking in terms of the
tables and indexes and so forth that are necessary for a traditional
relational DB. Panorama, both the old versions and the new one, doesn’t
work that way. Since the whole DB is loaded in memory, there is no
necessity for tables and indexes. You just look up what you want and
it’s quick as can be because the whole thing is in RAM. If I understand
what’s going on in this conversation, you’re looking for something that
Panorama doesn’t need in order to do the things you want to do. So
you’ll have to rearrange your mind a bit. I remember going through a
similar process back in the old days when I started using Pan—I had been
using something called Interlace, which became something else and then
was orphaned. Anyhow, I’d suggest going back and thinking about what you
want to do, not how other relational dbs structure it. Hope that helps
further the discusssion.

Have fun,
Bill Conable

James Déraps wrote:

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Bill it is exactly the problem. I have to develop other reflex.

I forgot to say, you can not only look up anything you want, but you can post anything you want anywhere you want from anywhere you are, too. The relational model works well when you understand it but when you figure out how to look at things in the Panorama way, it’s quick and very flexible.


Temporary tables may be necessary in building a invoice transaction since you need to complete the picking of the order, get a subtotal, apply any tax and shipping charges and create the final invoice total. Once this process is complete then transfer the information from the temporary tables and post the transaction with the line items to the Panorama database.

Its a matter of workflow not just what the software can do. Design the workflow and then you’ll be better able the program Panorama. As far as I can tell you can do almost anything in Panorama.

Hi! How can I get this link to work? Brand new here, came from FileMaker.

Try this:

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1000 thanks! Even comes with documentation!!! Very happy will watch videos this weekend and try to learn Panorama X and hopefully it is better and easier than FileMaker. Do I owe you something for the application?