Execute behaving differently in Pan X? (Answer: NO)

This code in Panorama X works as is.

execute DieNumber=|Digital|;NumberAround=1;AcrossSpacing=.25;AroundSpacing=.25

I was always under the impression to do this you would have to replace the “;” with a cr() then execute.

Is this behavior expected?

That code can’t possibly work. First of all, everything after the first semicolon is ignored, becase a semicolon is an alternate way to start comments. So your code really is:

execute DieNumber=|Digital|

(By the way, all I had to do to format the code above was indent it by four spaces).

Now when this runs, it is going to calculate the formula:


Which will probably be 0. So your original statement is really the same as.

execute "0"

That is a syntax error. Since you say that it does work, my guess is that you modified the code somehow before posting it here. Maybe you have something like this:

someVariable = "DieNumber=|Digital|;NumberAround=1;AcrossSpacing=.25;AroundSpacing=.25"
execute someVariable

That will run without an error, but it will only perform the first assignment. Anything after ; will be ignored. So yes, you need to change the ; to some kind of white space. It doesn’t have to be a carriage return, it could be a space.

I’m doing a lot of guessing here. Perhaps you could supply more information about what you are actually doing.

You know, sometimes one gets so deep into the code that you lose your place and miss the obvious. I lost my place. :). Yes, Jim, as you already know, you are correct. I missed the section of code that replaces the “;” with cr(). That is why it was working. You have my permission to delete this topic.