Errors when using New Generation


One of my clients had accidentally shut down the server while I was still connected as a client. I didn’t know that and opened the New Generation window to upload some changes. No matter what I clicked on, I received the error message “Resume statement failed (no pause)”. I was finally able to close the window by using “command w” on the keyboard.

I then opened the Server Admin window to see what was going on. When I clicked on any of the servers listed, I received the message “Server Admin window does not exist” even though I was looking at it and clicking on it.

This is a bug that I have recently fixed (however the fixed version is not available yet). In the meantime, you can probably get it working by closing and then re-opening the Server Admin window.

More funky stuff. I made a new generation, deleted all the records, imported new records, and told it to upload. After it apparently uploaded, I was informed that I couldn’t connect because the database was offline. I looked at it on the Sever Admin window and it showed that it was online. I closed it and reopened and it still said I was offline. No matter what I did I could not connect to the server with that database. I deleted it from the server, shared it and all was well.

I made a new generation in another database, deleted all the records and had the same problem. This time it was offline. I clicked it back online, it showed it was synchronized and connected. A little later, my client sent an email to tell me how well it was working. He had added a bunch of records but I only showed the one created after I deleted them all and uploaded the new generation. I tried to synchronize but I was informed that it wasn’t online. I chose connect to server and was told I couldn’t connect because it was offline. I tossed my copy, downloaded a copy from the server, opened it and there were the records he had added.

So far, I have always figured a way around these issues, but I’m waiting for the day when a database doesn’t come back. Luckily, I back up constantly when developing.