Error with New Generation (critical) if database is encrypted

Uploading changes to the server using New Generation (critical, field arrangement and data types selected) fails if the database’s data is encrypted using the Security tab.

I reproduced this behavior with a new database, one field, one empty record. Running b19 on Mojave.

The Server Log returns:

MANAGE DATABASE ERROR: PartialDatabaseUpdate statement failed, file /Users/Hugo/Library/Application Support/PanoramaX/Server/Public Databases/D026A994-7A2A-44A6-AC58-3A24C4364673-57692-00072B573B9F551F+3711456894.panpartialdb encryption error.

To recover the database, I had to detach client database from server, delete the server copy and upload again.

Is the server running on the same Panorama X account as the client? That is required if you are using encryption.

Yes, it is running on the same account.

Ok, I have been able to duplicate this problem, so I have added a bug report.

Upon further testing, it looks like the problem only occurs when changing the field arrangement. It works ok for changing procedures, even if the critical option is selected. @hugo can you confirm that?

@CooperT I know you have been using encrypted databases on the server for a year and a half, have you run into this? Maybe you’ve never had to change your field arrangement.

I am not using encryption. I removed it as a troubleshooting step and have not re-encrypted any files.

Confirmed, it works for everything else, even if critical option is selected.