Error when trying to preview

I now get this error pane when trying to preview a form that I can’t get to print right when converting to PAN X. What does all this mean now?

EDIT: OK on a whim I changed the name of the database from “Car number insert 1/2 page” to “Car number insert half page” and now no error. Is this a feature or bug?

That is a standard Unix-based system restriction of using a slash in a file’s name. Since a slash indicates a new directory in the path, the system was looking for the file “2 page” in the “Car number insert 1" folder which obviously does not exist.

Gary, this is why I suspected the filename and gave it a shot.

Unix taketh, but Unicode gives back. If you really want the original look “½”, aka Unicode `U+00BD, would work both with Panorama X and with the Unix based Mac file system in place of “1/2”.

This is definitely a bug, which I’ve logged. I’m surprised that this has never come up before. But I’m also surprised that Apple allows a / in a filename. But since they do, a fix is needed.

If you list a file like that in Terminal, its name has a colon, rather than a slash.