Error: Could not open FILENAME on Server

I have a shared database which I detached and removed from the sever in order to make some changes. When attempting to upload the file, I get an Error: Could not open FILENAME on SERVER NAME. After the failed attempt to upload the file to the server, the file shows up in the list of databases in the Sever Administration window with a 0 bytes size. There is also a little padlock icon in the RecordNumber Display panel on the file that failed to upload. I have restarted the client. I have restarted the sever. Nothing seems to help so far.

For future reference, let me start with this. Why did you detach and remove this database? This is not necessary to make changes, nor is it recommended. Generally you would never detach, much less remove, except in extraordinary circumstances. Instead of this you should use the “new database generation” process described on the help page Changing the Design of a Shared Database.

Though I recommend that you don’t detach and remove, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work. So I don’t know why it failed to upload. I’m assuming that you didn’t have sort of network problem, that would certainly do it.

To fix this, I would suggest using the Server Administration wizard to remove the file on the server. See Deleting a Database Using the Server Administration wizard on the Permanently Deleting a Database from the Server page.

Once that is done, you’ll need to detach the local copy of the database from attempting to contact the server. Simply open the Database Options dialog and un-check the Share Database checkbox, then press the Ok button. Do NOT check the Delete from server checkbox. This process is described on the Permanently Detaching a Shared Database from the Server page.

Once detached, save the database by pressing Command-S. Then you should be ready to re-upload the database. Make sure that the Server Database Name is empty, or alternately, is set to the name you want to use on the server.

If you still can’t upload the database then it must be damaged somehow. But let’s not cross that bridge unless we get to it.

In life, one should most often not cross a bridge until they get to it. :wink: