Enterprise Server Monitor

Now available for free use is a monitor built in Panorama to ensure that Enterprise is up and running. Server Monitor runs on Panorama on the same machine as Enterprise, using AppleScrpt to check the status once a minute. If Enterprise is running, fine. If it’s crashed or otherwise not running, it’s immediately launched. If it’s frozen or has a dialog waiting to be clicked or cleared, Enterprise is Force Quit within 2-3 minutes and immediately relaunched.

It works on Enterprise whether it’s set for sharing or web publishing.

For best results, set Panorama to launch on startup and to open File Monitor on launch.

All code is accessible for you to modify, such as to create a log of activities or to send an email on any quits or reboots. In can also be revised and added to Enterprise to create a reverse monitoring to ensure that both programs are up and running.

What it doesn’t do is monitor the machine itself. That requires an external monitor to ping and restart the server if necessary.

Download ServerMonitor

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Hi Jim,

Server Monitor runs on Panorama on the same machine as Enterprise,

Happy New Year!

I just got around to installing this. So are you saying that Panorama (not Enterprise) needs to be running the Server Monitor? That means both Panorama and Enterprise would need be open on the server correct?



Correct. Panorama can check with the OS to see if Enterprise is running, and if not it can do something about it. But only if they’re on the same machine.

I’ll have a new version soon with just a couple of tweaks and polish but it’s working fine already.

A newer version of Server Monitor has been uploaded. It’s a 5K download.

This version adds a CloseWindow procedure to terminate monitoring if the file is closed. It also has an ErrorLog variable in an attempt to catch any Panorama errors and avoid having the monitor and Panorama itself getting hung if a dialog pops up. The monitor window changes between red and green as an instant reference as to whether it’s active or not.

Save ServerMonitor as a file set in the same folder and name the set Autoload. Put an alias of Autoload in the Panorama folder and in the System Preferences>User, add Panorama to the start up items.

Although it’s useful as it is, ServerMonitor is a good starting point with many ways you can customize it for use on your Enterprise server.

For instance, add calls to your own procedures in ExecuteEveryMinute in order to have scheduled maintenance or chores carried out. I use mine to, once a day, send email to specific sets within my databases, create PDF reports, make backups and carry out a variety of other chores. It also records its accomplishments or failures for me. If it has to launch or force quit and restart Enterprise it sends me an email detailing the activity.

The file is saved in Custom mode but there’s no password required to unlock it and access the procedures.

Another revision to the ServerMonitor has been posted. The monitor now has the ability to close dialog windows on Enterprise before resorting to a force quit.

This makes it possible for Enterprise to be stalled for up to five minutes if it’s frozen. Since dialogs are more frequently the issue when it’s running but unresponsive, this is a desirable change and keeps the majority of stalls under three minutes.