Enterprise Server email error

I’m not understanding how to fix this error from the server. Any assistance appreciated. When I try to manually trigger the procedure via manually entering the url in my browser, I get a similar error message from the server.

2/24/2017 5:50:19 PM heartbeat~addHeartbeat~RR~2017-02-24%2017:50:19~pos~0~pic~1~pump~0~sfc~1 Server Error: Sorry, file “^1” is already in use. Try again later.

What is the code in the addHeartbeat procedure?

This has been working fine for several weeks. Then the error started. Perhaps after a server crash? Not sure.

By my experience, there are two possible causes.

The file may be open in Panorama versus Enterprise. That requires closing the file.

Or following a crash it has not been reset properly and the OS is telling Enterprise it’s in use. The second requires a restart.

The Panorama app on the server is not open. There have been several restarts of the computer with a continuation of the error.

Another issue is that the same file also has an ExecuteEveryMinute that continually improperly sends out an email even when the procedure that does this work is commented out. Only quitting this file stops the emails. Seemingly the global variable is stuck. I’ve forced to single user and re-shared to no avail.

I’d guess that you’ve checked Permissions, but that could be a reason for a file to be inaccessible with Enterprise giving its best guess as to why.

You can redefine ExecuteEveryMinute as empty,""

I could really use some help here. The server continues to send out an email every 30 seconds due to the remote computers attempting to add a record to the server’s db. The only way to stop the emails is to misconfigure the email client on the server or shut down the server. Neither is desired.

I have restarted several times. I have repaired permissions both with Apple’s Disk Utility and Panorama’s File Permissions Wizard.

Deleting the all of the ‘heartbeat’ files from the server results in 2 of these server error emails every minute.

2/28/2017 10:26:58 PM heartbeat~addHeartbeat~PL~2017-02-28%2022:25:34~pos~0~pic~1~pump~0~sfc~1 Server Error: heartbeat has been deleted or moved.

Wow. That was not fun.

The fixes were many due to a perfect storm of nuances. Capitalization sometimes matters on file names stored on remote servers. Do not ‘fix’ the capitalization of files after a process has started. Do not change the extension of .pan mid way through a process as not all aspects of Panorama deal with this identically. On the one hand we have the strategy of ‘If it works, don’t fix it.’ On the other hand, databases are typically forever in change mode with improvements, enhancements, and bug fixes always mucking with stability.