Enterprise Crash Recovery

What’s the best way to recover shared files scrambled by power failure? I haven’t had to do this for quite awhile, since Pan6. Can I just use the backup, or do I need to get the server file, etc., as in Pan 5?
If I use the backup, do I just backup while shared?
The Server file doesn’t have all the latest form changes and procedure edits, so maybe I can just recover the data?

If the server file wasn’t fully up to date as you’re describing, the better bet is to use a client copy that is.

Use the Database Sharing Options Wizard to convert it to single user, empty the Public Databases folder on the server, then reshare the file.

Finally, distribute copies of the new client to all other users.

If by chance the client with the up-to-date forms is not the last client synched, therefore lacking the latest data, you can convert a copy of that other client to single user too. Then use Replace to import the data into the file with the forms and do the reshare.

Thanks, Jim.

I think the best data is going to be in the server files, as the client files seem to be already corrupted. This is a series of 6 linked files, that are dependent on each other to function properly. When there’s a problem like this, usually from sudden power loss or blip, the files come back ok, but then any data entry triggers an error message (corrupted file, record been deleted, etc.). In the past,I remember now I would follow same instructions, but using the server files for everything. In this case, would it make sense to use the client files initially, then import data from the server files at the end?

Also, FWIW, as I examine the “corrupted” data, what always seems to be happening is the data from one file is being “updated” into another file. When the data structures inevitably clash, you get a crash, or one of the error messages. That suggests to me that Panorama just got its variables mixed up. Seems like that would be easier to fix that this. (?)