Enterprise AddServer


I have a client’s panorama server moving to a different machine, with a new copy (meaning, new/different registration number) of Panorama Enterprise installed on that machine.

Is there a way to programmatically do an “add server” to the database so that I can just give each client a new copy of the database and it’ll “just work”?

Or do I need to manually go to each client and use the “add server” tool in the “Available Servers” wizard?


– Mark

You can only add a server manually.

However, the database only cares about the name of the server. It doesn’t matter what the serial number is. If this is all happening on a local network via bonjour, and the new server has the same server name that the old one did, then you don’t have to do anything, not even give them a new copy of the database (this is assuming you moved the Public Databases folder to the new server computer).

I have a suspicion I don’t really understand what you are doing here, so it’s difficult to accurately advise you.

Thanks for the responses!

Panorama Enterprise is actually moving from one server (the floor of my office!) to a new server at a remote location (https://www.hostmyapple.com/ – so far, it seems like a reliable service)

The databases are accessed via internet (not local/bonjour).

I just went ahead and sent the client instruction on how to manually “add server”, and keeping my fingers crossed. (This client is great at their business, but not technically savvy … :wink: )


– Mark

I’d not heard of them before, nor had I ever heard of a macOS VPS service (as opposed to a dedicated server). Are you using the VPS? Looks like very affordable pricing.