Emailed file loses database relations

I usually work on my Panorama programmes on my laptop. When I have them working correctly, I email them (to myself) to move them to the iMac on which I am going to use the finished programme. (Then if I need to make adjustments I email them back to my laptop etc). I have just done this for a programme interlinking 3 Panorama databases, using the new database relations and ‘join’ features. When I unveiled the final result on the new computer, it didn’t work at all. The problem? The files no longer had the database relations that had been set up in the files on my database. I’m not sure if this is a known situation. If so, is there an alternative recommended way to share databases between computers? If not, it would be very helpful to me if this could be rectified.

There is no reason why transferring a database to a different database should make any difference as far as relations go.

One possibility, if you opened the database in Panorama X 10.1, then saved the database, you would lose any relations or any setting that is new to Panorama X 10.2.

Also, it is probably a good idea to compress a database into a .zip file before attaching it to an email. That way you don’t have to worry about whether the email program maintains any internal structure of the database. However, if that was the issue, I would expect that you would have problems beyond just losing relations.

I think that is exactly what happened. Obvious now you tell me, but wouldn’t have figured it out otherwise. Thanks.

For my curiosity and the benefit of future readers – what is exactly what happened? You opened it in 10.1? or needed to .zip it?

Opened accidentally in 10.1.