Email attachment in Pano X

I do not see any statement in Panorama X that will allow us to send an email with an attachment.

Is this going to be a built-in statement?

I would love to have one. There are some custom statements that people have created that can do that with AppleScript. Are you aware of those?

Yes I am as I use them in Pano 6. I would like to see them implemented in as a standard Command. I am not yet clear on how they might work in Pano X but built in will better for all.

I came across this missing built in feature when I went to send an email that would have an iCal (.ics) file I created with Panorama X to an email address. And yes, the ease of creating a .ics file would also be great rather than everyone re-creating the wheel.

There are no short term plans for any changes to sending email via Panorama X.

Question to Dave then…

In Panorama 6, within a Channel, there were then next a selection of Modules.

In Panorama X, within Channels, I am only seeing an Email choice, then an Apple Mail selection, but not Modules options.

Will your hack that was used in Panorama 6 that enabled attachments be able to be implemented in Panorama X without this module selectivity?

The menu you use to make the Apple Mail selection is the equivalent of the Modules options in Panorama 6.

My attachments hack, is building and executing an AppleScript, which is something Panorama X is also capable of doing. You could steal the code from Panorama 6, and use it, with a few modifications, in a procedure in Panorama X. I don’t know that installing it as a channel module would be a good idea. You would need to install it every time you upgraded Panorama.