Eliminating carriage return - why the extra step needed

Pan 6 no longer works smoothly for me on Mojave since I get this “APPLESCRIPT ERROR: Not authorized to send Apple events to Finder.” message every few seconds or so so it is time for me to bite the bullet and go full bore Pan X 10.2. This error just started happening a week or so ago.

To fix some procedures that did not translate I have to redo some code in old procedures.

Why does the simple procedure below only work after I add what I think is an extra step?

If I do not add the “extra” step the data in the field “Data” gets put into the field called “Results” BUT the carriage returns remain.

I don’t get it.

;Just one cell for carriage returns


field Data




;If Step below is disbled the Result is equal to the Data but retains the carriage returns. If the step below is executed the carriage returns are removed. And Line Feeds





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If you want to convert all CR’s and LF’s to “” in one step, I think you need to reverse the nesting order of your initial expression, ie:


As you’ve written it, your initial expression is converting the CR’s to “” in the inner portion, and then the LF’s to CR’s in the outer portion.

Thanks Bill,

That is the fix.

Thanks Amigo.

George, I had a client have this problem recently. I fixed it by going to System Preferences-Security and Privacy. Click on the Privacy tab. Select “Automation” on the left side list. Make sure “Finder” is checked under “Panorama.app”.

btw: This is assuming that you have dragged the Pan 6 app to" Full Disk Access" and “Accessibility” in the Privacy tab to begin with.

That solved it for me.

Thanks Jeff,

Worked like a charm.

I have to figure out how to configure Pan X to have EXACTLY the same feel as Pan 6.

I have been a ProVUE guy since OverView. Pre Panorama.

So I have developed some muscle memory on Panorama Pre X that is hard to shake.

So I get a bit discouraged when I need something quickly and revert to the old standby. Pan 6.

Thank you so much for your assistance.

It was very useful and very kind.


As are you.