Editing records in a list view

It used to be that one could edit cells in the “Report Tiles” in a form in “list view”. I loved this feature and was always using it in Pan6.
Is there any way to duplicate this behaviour in PanX? I really don’t like having to jump to a separate data entry form.
Thanks for any insights. Much appreciated. -Bob

No, view-as-list forms are not editable. The workaround is to use a Text List Object to navigate through the records, on an editable individual pages form. I only use view-as-list forms for printing now.

Hey Bruce, thanks for this. It’s not what I was hoping for though. I still use Pan6 for some databases that I want to use in this way. (I find it great to be able to manipulate data and click buttons in the Header Tile in one window.) Thanks again.

You can definitely have all the buttons you want if you follow Bruce’s suggestion.

Thanks Jim. Now I will get started at understanding how to use Text List Objects. Let the games begin. (Happily, I do have the video training series to fall back on.)

There are generally only a few fields that you will be looking at to navigate through the records. Those are the ones that go in the Text List Object. You can put the details in the rest of the form.