Dynamic Popup Menu

I’m a Panorama newbie, so please forgive me if I’ve missed something obvious!

I’m creating a form with a Popup Menu Object and am referring to the online help at this link.

The popup menu works fine and lists the 3 colours as separate options when I use a hardcoded formula as below:

but when I follow the help text and change the formula to refer instead to a field name in the database which holds the text

then the popup menu displays only one option with the value “Red Blue Green”.

Am I doing something wrong?


The popup is expecting the menu choices to be separated by carriage returns. A data cell, or text editor object, uses line feeds to separate lines of text.

Try changing your formula from




substituting the actual field name of course. That will convert the line feeds to carriage returns, and give you the result you want.

Thanks Dave. That did it!

This is true, but I’m sure Colin won’t be the last person to be tripped up by this. So I’ve just changed it so that line feeds can also be used, not only in pop-up menus but anywhere a menu is defined. This change will be in the next version of Panorama X. Once that is released, the lftocr( function will no longer be needed.

Thanks Jim, that’s great. I’ll look out for the next release.