Duplicates in See Also list of some help topics

I noticed that there are duplicates in See Also list of some topics in the Panorama X Help window.

For example, with the “message” topic selected - alert, alertcanceldelete, alertcancelok, alertdeletecancel and others are duplicated.

The problem is that See Also is showing both @dialogs and @alerts and they have many of the same items in common so they are duplicated. All of the @alerts items are also in the @dialog items with the exception of the beep and nsnotify statements. Jim will have to make some changes to avoid this doubling up of entries when combining two or more of these groups.

Upon further investigation it looks like if line 150 of the Render HTML procedure of the Help file is changed from:

arraysort alsoArray,alsoArray,lf()


arraydeduplicate alsoArray,alsoArray,lf()

…all will be well and duplicates will be automatically removed.

Thanks Gary. It turns out the Render HTML procedure in the Help file is only used for when you preview corrections, but I made the exact same change in the master database that generates the documentation, so these duplicates will be eliminated the next time the documentation is re-rendered (which I do for every release).