Dropimagesfromfinder error

This is working for me:

dropimagesfromfinder |||field=“Image” type=Image HFS=yes|||

But this gets an error:

dropimagesfromfinder |||field=“Image” type=Image HFS=yes currentrecord=yes|||

The error message reads: fieldvalue( function: data field “mediaField” does not exist.

I think the problem may be on line 169 of the DROPIMAGESFROMFINDER code. Here is the current code:

set mediaField,sandwich("",grabdata(info("databasename"),mediaField),cr())+mediaArray

I think if +"" is added, it will work.

set mediaField,sandwich("",grabdata(info("databasename"),mediaField+""),cr())+mediaArray

You can easily open the DROPIMAGESFROMFINDER code with View>Open View. You should be able to edit and make this change, though if Panorama is in the /Application folder I don’t think you can save the change. But it should fix it until you quit. If you move a copy of Panorama into your user folder I think you can make the change permanent (you could then move it back into /Applications if you want).

If you are able to make this change and it fixes the problem, please let me know and I will make this change to the master copy. If you can’t make the change or it doesn’t fix the problem, please also let me know.

I was able to make the correction and save it without moving PanX. And it eliminated the error so that the current record is being used.


As it turns out, oneimage is the option I wanted. I had overlooked that CurrentRecord added the image data to the field rather than replacing it. It wasn’t clear that oneimage also applies to the current record. In the meantime an error is corrected.

I also discovered that clicking on a DragReceiver generates an error message: Window “:” does not exist. I stifled that by adding an error trap in DROPIMAGESFROMFINDER:

//[–Get List of Images–]
window info(“dropdatabase”)+":"+info(“dropform”)
If Error Rtn EndIf

Thanks, I have incorporated that into the master version, along with the earlier fix.

I also had that message recently in response to something else - first time I’d seen it.