Don't want to save a changed database

Sometimes I make changes to a database and realize that I made a mistake and do not want to save my changed file. Is there an out?

You could use Revert To… from the File menu and choose the Last Saved Version option. You can also just close the file and then click on the Revert Changes button in the dialog that comes up.

Thanks Gary. I think I got it.
One question: I close the file, when does the “Revert Changes” dialog come up?

To have that option come up when closing a file you will need to change a setting in your General preference setting in System Preferences as show below.

Love it. Thanks Gary.
Always learning something new.

Gary didn’t mention it, but changing that setting will affect almost all of your applications, not just Panorama (which is probably what you want, but I just wanted to mention it).

Funny. This is what I wanted all along with all my applications and didn’t even know it was an option in System Preferences.