Does Pan 6 Web Server Require Snow Leopard?

I may have mistakenly thought when I read in a few places that Pan 6 Server runs through High Sierra, that people were referring to the Panorama 6 “Web” server like we use. (So far ours are still running only on Snow Leopard machines.)

I tried installing Pan 6 on a newer machine yesterday but it appears “panorama.cgi” requires Rosetta (Snow Leopard 10.6.8 or earlier) to run. Is there a newer version of “panorama.cgi” for Panorama 6 Server available that doesn’t require Rosetta?

Or are people who are using Panorama 6 Server on newer OS versions just not using it as a web server?


  • Jeff

I think you’ll find this thread from a couple of years ago should provide the help you need to get it working.

I don’t know how you got the idea that panorama.cgi requires Rosetta, which would mean that did not contain Intel machine code, only PowerPC code. That is definitely not the case. In fact, I can’t even remember if it works on PowerPC, perhaps it does if you are running OS X 10.5. But it for sure does contain Intel code, and Rosetta is not required.

I suspect you may be running into some of the problems that occur when trying to install panorama.cgi on newer operating systems, Apple has definitely placed additional obstacles in the path of doing this. But it can be done and the thread I linked to above should give you the details you need.

With Apple killing off Server it has become a bit harder than it was to run a web site on Macs. I’ve moved over to Abyss and it’s been working great for me. For a single site on a server they have a free version. Multiple sites require a licensed copy but the price is very reasonable.