Does Manually Uploading a Quick Patch to the Server Work?

I tried using this feature today because one user only needed a change I wanted to make. Unfortunately, she and every other use then received Database ID does not match notifications. This weekend, I will try to doing this carefully and documenting the steps to confirm what exactly happens.

As far as I know it works. I haven’t tried it lately, but I hadn’t made any changes to this code in a while either. A while ago I was doing some web development and was using this constantly without any problems.

I wish I had done more testing before this post, because when I carefully went through the steps to update with a quick patch, everything worked as intended. I tested this feature with two different databases and on three different clients, including the one where there was some problem last week. But I do have a comment.

If the PanX role is user, the Download Components statement is not visible in the File menu. I think I noted earlier that Download data is also not visible. As to both statements, I think tentatively that they should be visible to Users; I don’t see a reason why they would not. In my situation, I would always want the user to be able to do both in a User Role.

Thanks. I think we covered this already, The source control system says that I made that change on June 3, so when the mythical b7 arrives, I think it will do what you suggest.