Disabling Mouse Clicks: Feature suggested

I think it would be useful in certain situations to be able to disable mouse clicks so that they would be ignored until various operations were complete. I have described one situation previously–where a lengthy procedure is running (say 10 or 15 seconds or even longer) and a mouse click on a different PanX window would cause the procedure to fail in an unpredictable way. I have solved this by opening a dialog, which causes PanX to ignore mouse clicks, and then closing the dialog when the procedure is finished. It would much easier if there were a statement that would do this for me, and would return control either at the end of the procedure or when the procedure re-enabled mouse clicks. So maybe statements Disablemouseclicks and Enablemouseclicks would be a good idea.

I noticed that when an auxiliary database is opening and I click on a button, an error can occur, which I think is occurring because the visible window is not active while an auxiliary database is opening. In this situation, perhaps it would make sense to always disable mouse clicks until the auxiliary databases are fully open and control has been returned to the main database that is opening the aux databases.

I have noted this for consideration: