Determining a position with text

How can I determine where a character position is in an array if I don’t know it beforehand? In other words, I would like to use the arrayelement() function like this. arrayelement(TEXT, info(POSITION), SEPARATOR)?

I don’t really understand your question. It seems like you have too many unknowns.

Maybe you are saying you know the array item number and you want to know the character position of the first character in that item? There’s no function for that, but you could figure that out with the arrayrange( and length( functions. I think you would also need to use the ?( function to special case item 1 (which always starts with the first character.)

If what you ultimately want to know is which element contains a particular string of text, that’s an arraysearch( function.


The asterisks are wild cards, in case the characters you are searching for are just part of the element.