Designing and Printing Forms

I’m just starting with PAN-X. I was a light user of Overvue through Panorama 5.
I started a new database in X to track charitable donations. My problem is developing a form that will report each donation and a summary for each donor. I set up a form similar to one I used in 5, but it will only print one line per donor or will print the whole database under one donor. How do I get it to print a report for each donor showing each donation and a summary?

From your limited description I can’t tell you how to achieve the result you are looking for. However, if you had this working in Panorama 5 then the exact same solution should work in Panorama X. In fact, if you still have your Panorama 5 database you can bring it directly into Panorama X (however, you must first open and save it in Panorama 6, you could use the free trial version of Panorama 6 to do that, see

I finally got the report to show each data item and then the summary. My problem now is how to get a one page report for each donor. I’ve tried making the summary tile higher but the number of data lines per donor is not consistent so that doesn’t work.

You may have been using a feature that forced each summary group to start printing on a new page. Unfortunately, Panorama X does not currently have that feature.