Dealing with $ import

I get some reports as .csv files. They have numbers and text. I use openfile &filename to load them in a database for processing.

One cell of the .csv has data as a dollar amount (ie: $4.00)

That gets imported in to a numeric field.

In Pan6, it would be recognized as numeric and the “$” would get stripped off with the value remaining (ie.: 4.00)

PanX treats it as text giving the result “0.00” (field set as integer with output pattern “#.##”)

Is there a way to get the PanX file to behave like the Pan6, or do I need to process the .csv file before importing into PanX file? (arrayfilter or importusing ?)

Jim just entered a Bitbucket item for this bug 2 days ago.

It is not too difficult to use an importusing formula that does a replace or strip on a specific importcell().