Db Stuck in locked status

I have had a couple of databases that we found were in an Offline situation. The copies that we working on were much further along than the ones we found were ‘offline’.
I deleted the ‘offline’ version from the server. Now I have a recent version (with all the latest code) of the db that is ‘locked’ as it is uneditable. When I try to open it, it says

"Could not open «DatabaseName» on …
Database does not exist (missing info.cfg)

It seem that I now need to ‘Force to Single User Mode’ but we don’t have that feature any longer.


Yes, it’s still available but not called that.

This will work even if the server isn’t available, or as in your case if the server no longer contains the database. Unlike Panorama 6 you don’t need a special command for this case, Panorama X automatically does the right thing. Be sure you are using the 3581 release though, the 3575 release had a problem with the Detach button.

Of course. So easy after you do it once. Just unShare it.

Thank you. I’ve only gotten to the 'L’s so I hadn’t yet gotten this smart. :wink: