Date Format Issue in High Sierra

After getting around the known error 7 issue and after successfully installing Pan 6 on High Sierra, I notice that some procedures that I have used successfully for decades now are showing problems with international formats, at least on my German system.

The problems show up when I try to import a TSV text file, that contains a date column in German format “DD.MM.YYYY”. It seems that Pan 6 now tries to read this format as “MM.DD.YYYY” and then it is ignoring values with invalid month numbers.

If I remember correctly, this kind of international format issues had been solved in Pan 6 many years ago.

(By the way, I am using the same TSV file in Panorama X without any problems.)

I do not know, but I suspect that this behavior is related to a macOS High Sierra bug that fills log files with error messages “month 13 is out of bounds”. Hopefully this bug will be solved in macOS 10.13.3.