Date Entry Question

Hello Everybody,

I have a pan X file, with a date field. The dates are formatted as dd Mon 'yy, with Right alignment. The database behaves just as one would expect with sorting, grouping, etc.

But when I click on a record’s Date field and hit Enter (to look at the actual entry in the field), the correct entry is there (formatted as mm/dd/yy) but skewed so far to the right that the year value is not visible. Even more disturbing is that when you hit Enter again, to accept the value, an error message appears, viz.,

date( function: illegal date “”.

Everything works in the file, and there is no particular problem. But what is happening, and is this an issue to be concerned about?


When I tried this it was skewed a bit to the right, part of the last digit of the year was not visible. If you hit the right arrow key, then it shifts into place.

I cannot duplicate this problem.

Hmm - do you have a formula or procedure that triggers when the date is entered? Maybe that is where the problem is occurring. There was a discussion recently about what the date( function should do if the parameter was blank, maybe you are running into this problem.

Hello Jim,

Yes, I have code in that field. The code is:


That was in my Pan 6 file to enter today’s date if I didn’t enter a date. Strictly for my convenience. I see now why I get the message - because Pan X doesn’t like date(""). I will be able to fix it myself. Thanks for the lead.

And I too have the last digit of the year beyond the entry field, as you described. It isn’t a real problem, but you will want to correct it for aesthetic reasons, I’m sure.