Datasheet choices variable

Try as I may, I cannot get a variable to work as input for “choices” in Field Properties of the Datasheet. Is there a way this can be done? Is there some workaround?

You cannot use a variable – this must be a fixed list of choices.

Probably. As Jim says, “this must be a fixed list of choices.” However that list should be able to be reset programmatically which could involve a variable, something like:

let yourChoices="what you want now"
Field desired
execute |||setfieldproperties initializedictionary("CHOICES", "|||+yourChoices+|||")|||

As an aside, although I’d used straight quotes, as well as the triple pipes, and the, new to 10.2, Copy Indented Code to collect it what I pasted into the forum is what you see.

If you add a return after the “like:” sentence and before your pasted code it will then show properly formatted.