Database Information wizard left behind?

In P6 I use this to keep version info and list version changes in each file, very handy. Since its four access functions are deprecated in PX it appears it is too.

Is there anything that replaces it? If not, I guess one could set up a permanent variable in each file with some sort of text entry window.

David Duncan

I mean the Database Information wizard.

You can use a procedure window named something like .Change Notes. I use .versions with the whole "procedure disabled, but it’s where I go to find dated notes on all changes plus any notes to self.

There is also a Notes tab for each field at the bottom of the Field Property panel. I guess you could hijack one of them for your version and changes info.

Both nice ideas, thanks very much!

This was originally designed to work with an Apple feature that is now long defunct.

If you are really serious about version tracking, the awesome way to do it in Panorama X is to export blueprints and track those with Git. That’s what I do. That topic is really way too complicated for me to get into here, but there is lots of material online about Git. The great thing is it allows you to track changes on a line by line basis (and for forms, track changes to individual properties), and go back at any time and see exactly what changed when. But it is a lot of work to set up and maintain, probably not worth it for the average Panorama developer.