Database Doesn't exist?

Bizarre problem: I have a suite of Panorama databases that function interactively.
Lately, the primary one – “Patient Data.pandb”-- often won’t open, even after opening the Panorama App, and then trying to open “Patient Data.pandb.” Instead there is a message that says “Database does not exist (missing info.cfg).”
I can often get it to open by doing so from another, related database, e.g., “Log.pandb,” but then it does so in a peculiar way: the datasheet opens as expected, but a particular form in “Patient Data.pandb” that I’ve gotten to open simultaneously opens as expected, but in an odd way. The form is “Log Entry,” and typically it opens with the window so titled; but now it opens with the window titled, “Window.” And if I work on the form, it won’t save the changes from the window, but it apparently does so if I leave the form open, make the datasheet the selected window, and save from the datasheet.
Anybody have any idea what is going on, or, better yet, how to fix it?

I think your database is corrupted. You’ll probably have to go back to a known good backup, hopefully you have one via Time Machine, Backblaze, etc.

It sounds like the actual data may not be corrupted, so what you probably want to do is export the data, then restore an older copy of the database that has working forms. Then you can import the latest data into the older database.

Are you by any chance keeping your databases in a “shared” folder using a synchronization system like Dropbox, Onedrive, etc? We don’t recommend doing that, as that can definitely lead to corrupted databases if you’re not super careful. If you need to use a database on multiple computers, the recommended solution is to use Panorama X Server, which is designed for that purpose.