Data validation problem

Step 1: Created a new Panorama X 10.2b13 database with one column of type Number (Float) with output pattern #,.##

Step 2: Entered 73036.19 in the 1st record and -32941.15 in the 2nd record which are displayed as 73,036.19 and -32,941.15 because of the output pattern

Step 3: Added a third record

Step 4: Copied data from 1st record to 3rd record without problems

Step 5: Copied data from 2nd record to 3rd record but this pops up a dialog box that “-32,941.15” is not a valid floating point number and I have to remove the “,” which does not make sense since I don’t have to remove the “,” in Step 4

I can confirm this. Exact same steps, exact same result. Build 3609, OS 10.15.7

If you open the cell containing 73036.19, and displayed as 73,036.19, for editing, it appears without the comma, and when you copy the contents of the cell, it goes into the clipboard without the comma. When you open the cell containing -32941.14, it appears as it is displayed, with the comma. The comma is also included when it is copied.

Simply tabbing through a floating point cell with a negative number with a comma in its display, results in an error. This is not a problem with an integer field.

Ok, now there are 7 “must fix for b14” items on the list.

However, since last night, two other items were partially completed, so it will be 5 items remaining soon.